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Ao Caron Da Lareira

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astro manitos lengua giro astroQuieto

A narrative-based game about galician mythology through the eyes of a grandson and the stories his grandfather tells him by the fireside.
Made by Iris González Rivas and Charlie Gómez Sanz for the HPS1 Halloween Jam 2020
Voiced by - Pablo Bello Yáñez



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This is just a prototype I had to do for a final project, but I'm kinda happy with how it turned out! (Google Cardboard or similar needed)

Night Shift: Remade

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Hi! This game is part of my bachelor thesis. I developed the same game twice (my own spin of Night Shift by Puppet Combo) with 2 different aesthetics to gather information about the visuals' influence in the game's objective: scare the player (thats you! (hopefully)). Music by Stevia Sphere


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Decoder is a fictional simulation of the historic enigma machine, which relies on the player’s ability to decipher the enemies’ messages that menace London. Every action counts, time is short, a missile approaches.
Made by 6 students for de GGJam2018